Among the VERY best!
This story, The War that Saved My Life, and the performance by Jayne Entwistle make me feel a little badly about all the other books I’ve given five stars. This one deserves every little point on every single star! Audible
– Jill,

Wonderfully shocking!
Entwistle is always a great narrator especially for historical readings. Fantastic listen. Several times I was moved to say out loud, “that’s crazy! how can you just do that!” or something along those lines. Marie Tussaud is so forward and big for such a little person! I know this is fiction but she did get rather far in the world and survive during horrible times. Edward Cary does a great job of giving voice to the people of the time and just the right voice for Little as well. I was sucked in from beginning to the last. Thank you for helping me to know this great little lady! audible
– Stephanie,

We need more! Flavia de Luce has stolen my heart. I have listened to the entire series and cannot wait for the next installment. Jayne Entwistle does an excellent job of narration. Be sure to listen to these in sequence as you will miss some of the more subtle nuances if you don’t. – Coffee Lover,

The stories of the detective skills of Flavia de Luce are fun, thrilling, and comical adventures, and they are brought to life perfectly by Jayne Entwistle. I could not imagine a better narrator for Flavia; she voices her gleeful fascination with poisons and murder exactly as I imagined it. This particular Flavia de Luce novel was no exception, and is filled with family love, vengeance, murder (of course), and holiday cheer! I eagerly await the next Flavia novel! – Cara,

Another charming story by Alan Bradley of Flavia de Luce narrated fabulously by Jayne Entwistle…..what a great team! Can’t wait for the next one! – Colleen,