After I returned from performing our play, Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2018, I was welcomed home with a new book to narrate. It was Little by Edward Carey. A truly remarkable book about the life of Madame Tussaud. In 1761, a tiny, odd-looking girl named Marie is born in a village … Read More

SOCK CITY: A Cheerful Proposal!

      As I bring out my parasol in preparation for another Los Angeles summer, I am also looking at buying a pair of wellies, as I will soon be heading to Edinburgh, Scotland for the whole month of August! The play I have been involved in, Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist, is performing in the Edinburgh … Read More

Pigtails, Poisons and Perspicacity!

This has been a wonderful few months of narrating books with remarkably bold, courageous and oftentimes hilarious female characters at the helm. Anyone who knows me will know I am referring, of course, to Flavia de Luce but there have been some welcome new additions to the canon of strong, wickedly smart literary heroines. I will commence with Flavia as … Read More

The King of Burgers and a Much Anticipated Sequel!

When anyone asks how I spent the Summer of 2017, I will happily report that I spent the Summer obsessing over the new season of Twin Peaks. I looked up the definition of obsess and found a few synonyms that describe my current Twin Peaks fascination perfectly; bedevil, beset, haunt, consume, plague, torment, hound, preoccupy, rule, control, eat up, prey … Read More


This is a piece I wrote and performed for a live show called, Rant & Rave. We were given a theme and a word count. Our theme was “fire”.   I might be a witch. It isn’t something I’ve tried to achieve. There’s been no study, no cast-iron cauldrons, no musty spell-books with dog-eared pages where love spells were hand-written by some great-great-grandmother. … Read More

Feuds, Knitting and Wisconsin Cheddar!

It’s heating up in Los Angeles, literally – boo, and heating up in a new steamy commercial promoting audiobooks! Click on the picture below to see the new spot debuted on USA Today! One of the most exciting things to happen so far this year was a Guest Star role on Feud, the new series from Ryan Murphy of American Horror Story … Read More

Chapter One – The Third

In an on-going effort to get over my anxiety of writing a whole book, I am writing a series of Chapter Ones. They are all based on true stories from my life and this particular chapter is no exception. The only element of this story that is embellished is the breed of dog, simply because I can’t remember.   Chapter … Read More

Chapter Two is New

Well, I had started out writing just Chapter Ones but then this popped out and I think it is Chapter Two and belongs with Chapter One (the second). CHAPTER TWO   They drove to the pub in relative silence. How do you begin a conversation that needs to cover a lifetime? Where do you start? When they did speak, it … Read More

The Second Chapter One

In an effort to work my way towards writing a whole book, I have decided to write a series of Chapter Ones. This is the second Chapter One, the first Chapter One is resting comfortably in this blog. I should also mention that they are based on real events from the life of yours truly! CHAPTER ONE (the second)   She … Read More

A Book of Chapter Ones

I’d love to write a book. I’ve written a children’s book (not published…yet) and would love to write a full-length book for adults. The process seems daunting so I thought I’d try my hand at just writing Chapter Ones. If I write enough passable Chapter Ones, who knows, maybe I can publish those, although it does occur to me what a … Read More